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Pad ArgoNet Support
ArgoNet Acorn (RISC OS) Support
V90 upgrades
The upgrader to upgrade the MagicXpress and Dynalink flash modems is available here (, 204KB).

It is recommended that you upgrade to Voyager 2.01 before using V90. The modem negotiation occaisionaly takes longer than the Voyager 2.00 timeout (you will see 'modem took too long'). Voyager 2.01 has an option to extend connection time.

Please read the help file in the application for details.

OLE Module
Some people may not have the OLESupport module necessary to use the View Source option in the browser properly. This was provided in the new Acorn !Boot sequence, but is provided on its own here. Put it into your !System.Modules directory (usually found in !Boot.Resources).

Click here to download OLESupport
(5K SparkFS archive)
It should be remembered that sound themes will not work unless the player has been installed; for copyright reasons this cannot be provided as part of the main Voyager suite.

SoundTheme can be downloaded from

Third-Party Voyager Support
Paul Vigay has some additional Voyager technical support and development pages at

This page doesn't have any official connection to ArgoNet, so please do not contact ArgoNet support with any queries regarding Paul's personal pages.

Other Useful Programs
The following programs are third party, and do not have any connection to ArgoNet. If you have a problem with the software linked to here, please contact the program's author, not ArgoNet support.

Voyager Related Utilities

  • FresUtils - Useful additional features for Fresco, including faking other browsers.
  • FTPc - An FTP client - for uploading your website to remote servers.
  • Bookmaker - all-in-one address maintenance tool



  • InterGIF - create GIFs (including animated ones) from many file formats
  • Translator - reads and saves in many file formats.
  • ChangeFSI - it comes free with your computer, but this one handles progressive JPEGs

Text and DTP

Web Design