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ArgoNet Acorn (RISC OS) Support
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The upgrader to upgrade the MagicXpress and Dynalink flash modems is available here (, 204KB).

It is recommended that you upgrade to Voyager 2.01 before using V90. The modem negotiation occasionally takes longer than the Voyager 2.00 timeout (you will see 'modem took too long'). Voyager 2.01 has an option to extend connection time.

Please read the help file in the application for details.

Other upgrades can be found in the downloads section.

For news of any current connection problems or service status, please visit the Bulletin page

Users may also wish to subscribe to the Argonet.Announce newsgroup, which is a moderated newsgroup on which any important announcements or status reports are posted to. This is a low traffic newsgroup and it is advised that all customers subscribe to it.

Keeping In Touch Downloads Section
The Keeping In Touch section contains list of email address and newsgroups specifically for Voyager users.

There's also back issues of announcements that effect Voyager users, and the latest announcement can always be viewed from here.

The downloads section holds minor updates to the Voyager program, such as modules and patches. If you're having a problem you can check here to see if there's a fix.

There are also links to a number of third-party programs and resources to add to your Internet experience.

Major upgrades to Voyager will be via auto update, and you will be notified via email and the newsgroups in advance.

Third-Party Voyager Support
Paul Vigay has some additional Voyager technical support and development pages at

This page doesn't have any official connection to ArgoNet, so please do not contact ArgoNet support with any queries regarding Paul's personal pages.