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IE5 Configuration

 Internet Explorer Easy Guides

  Internet Explorer 5

Configuring settings in IE5.

There are a few settings in Internet Explorer you can check if you are having problems, particularly if you use more than one connection.

  • To open your 'Internet Settings' panel, either select 'Control Panel' from the Start menu 'Settings', and then double click on the 'Internet Options' icon;

    Internet Options icon

  • Or, Select 'Internet Options' from the IE 'View' menu.

    Internet Options

  • From the 'Internet Options' panel you can choose which settings to adjust.

    Internet Settings

IE5 Internet Connection

  • To set the default dial-up connection, highlight the appropriate dial-up setting and select 'Set Default'. Then select the 'Always dial my default connection' radio button.

    Internet Settings

  • From the 'Dialup Settings' panel, if you have multiple connections to the Internet you can choose which should be the default connection from the menu - where all your connections will be listed. If you intend to use ArgoNet as your sole provider this should be set to the ArgoNet dialup connection.

Other settings

  • You can set other IE settings - such as the appearance of your web browser or the storage location of your temporary files - from the main Internet settings menu.