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ArgoNet Support

Web Stuff
WebLoad Reference section
ArgoNet uses it's own WebLoad technology to allow you to upload your web pages with the minimum of fuss.

Click here to go to the WebLoad site

In this section you'll find some useful information and handy links to Web resources to help you design you own web pages.

Click here to go to the reference section

CGIs Adding to your Web service
CGIs are programmes running on the ArgoNet web server which can be used to automatically add graphics and interactivity to your web pages - for instance, a web counter or a mail form.

The following are available for use:

  • Formmail
    The Newest mail form yet, and a basic tutorial on forms in general.
  • newmail
    The old version of the mail form, and a basic tutorial on forms in general.
    ArgoNet's standard counter
  • dateandtime
    Shows the current date and time
  • dropdown
    allows you to create a drop down list of links
  • lastupdate
    Automatically shows when a page was last updated
There are several add-ons you can acquire to enhance your web service - for instance, a domain name, or perhaps just a new name within the ArgoNet domain.

Pricing can be found on the Products Page; you can find out if your preferred domain is available by using the form below:

Domain name check
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