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Drop Down

This simple script takes a URL and redirects the user to that URL. This may seem a bit pointless - after all, you could just create a link that points to that URL in the first place - which is why it is only really of use if you want to use a form to offer a compact drop-down list of links.

This script can be accessed by using the following bit of HTML:
<img src="">

To use it, create a form with the following attributes:

<form method="get"  action="">
 <select name="url">
  <option value="
(url you want to go to)">(plain text explaination of link)
 <input type="submit">

This does the following:

  1. sets up the form
  2. sets up a drop down list
    (<select name="url">...</select>)
  3. puts an entry in the dropdown list
    obviously to make this script worthwhile you'll need to have several options!
  4. Creates a button that the user clicks on to start the fetch
    (<input type="submit">)

The URL you want to go to can be either the full URL - for instance, - or, if the URL starts you can miss this part off.

For instance,
can instead be accessed using just

There's an example of this script in use on this page - at the top left of this there's a dropdown list which goes to other sections of the support site and a few other key areas of the ArgoNet service. To save you viewing the source, the HTML used to do this is as follows...

<form method="get" action="">
 <select name="url">
  <option value="/support/">General support
  <option value="/support/acorn/">Acorn support
  <option value="/support/pc/">PC support
  <option value="/support/mac/">Mac support
  <option value="/support/web">Web stuff
  <option value="">ArgoNet home
  <option value="users">User pages
  <option value="links">Links elsewhere
 </select><input type="submit" value="Go!">